Customised & Carefully Crafted


At Coffee Snob Cups, we provide totally personalised keep cups for people who love a GOOD coffee as much as we do.

We hate bitter,
we hate tasteless,
we hate dirt coffee,
we hate it when Karen gets the office coffee run mixed up,
and we love it when it’s just right.

We just got sick of trying to explain to every new barista just how we prefer our cup of liquid gold, so we decided to embrace our inner coffee snob, and created Coffee Snob Cups.

Embrace your inner snob,
don’t apologise for having a preference,
and hand over your keep cup (because the environment is important too),
being sure you’ll get it back perfect,
ready for that first sip moment of ‘ahh, just the way I like it’!

Caring For Your Cup


We use only high quality drinkware and permanent UV resistant vinyl to ensure your perfectly personalised beverage vessel lasts.

Our personalised decals are individually crafted, made by hand, and applied with extra love and care, using premium permanent vinyls.

But since our cups aren’t mass produced and your cup is as unique and as individual as you, that means a little bit of love and care is needed to make sure you get the most of it.

Here are a few tips:

  • Only hand wash your cup, and as much as possible, avoid getting fluids and soaps on your decal.
  • No dishwashers, soaking or harsh scrubbing.
  • Allow an extra 24hrs for curing when you receive your cup to make sure you get the best ‘stick’.
    (72hrs is even better)
  • Avoid extreme temperatures.
  • Don’t pick or peel at your decal
  • Don’t apply soaps, solvents or chemicals to your decals
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing or abrasive surfaces (including jamming your cup in to small holders!)

Because everything that’s worth loving always needs a little bit of extra TLC!

While we do everything we can on the production end to make sure your cup is designed to last – like using premium products & materials, thoughtful designs that avoid thin or fiddly text as much as possible, and careful application with heating and curing processes – it’s important to note the life of your decal will depend on how you treat your cup.

Once your cup leaves us and you begin using it, it’s up to you to ensure you do the best you can to make sure your cup keeps impressing!

Things like, squeezing your cups in to cup holders, picking at the decals, using harsh cleaners or soaps, scrubbing too hard, or extreme temperatures can all impact the longevity of your design.

We’ve had cups last aaayyyges even with a bit of rough and tumble and a couple of accidental runs in the dishwasher, but we can’t guarantee that for everyone so just show your cup a little bit of love and you’ll be sipping gold for a long time to come!

Please note, vinyl material is classed as permanent, UV & water resistant. This means whilst the vinyl we use is the most tough and long wearing material available, care still needs to be taken in exposing your decal to water or oils.

Unapologetically You


General Terms of Sale

By accepting any quote or placing an order with us – and by commissioning Coffee Snob Cups to undertake work – with order of work to be accepted as verbal or written confirmation, or by paying your provided invoice, or by completing your online cart and payment, you are agreeing to these terms and their boundaries.

Coffee Snob Cups reserves the right to change, amend or cancel any of these terms and conditions at any time without notice, provided updates are maintained on this page. To view terms and conditions relevant at time of sale, all clients are required to visit this page.

Custom quotes provided by Coffee Snob Cups are valid for 14 days from date of supply – unless otherwise arranged.
Prices are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change at any time based on product supply, inflation or demand.

We do not offer refunds or accept returns once the product has left our production. This is because variations in use and care can cause damage or longevity of product to decrease. As we cannot control the actions of our customers or those of couriers or external providers, once the product is opened we cannot offer refunds or returns. In the event of product failure of a cup we will work with our customers to provide a replacement or alternative solution.
We cannot guarantee our decals and returns or refunds are not given in relation to wear or damage done to your decal.
You can however, choose to order a replacement decal at a fractional cost for applying yourself.

On acceptance of your job, you are advised to supply a brief for the design and any extra requirements before the order is created.
If you fail to do this, we reserve the right to create the order using only the information provided to us at time of order. Additional changes or information will only be accepted at our discretion.

Prices are inclusive of the details specifically outlined on the product page. If additional artwork is required or changes are made to the order after purchase, additional charges will apply.

We WILL NOT be held responsible for errors or required re-creation as a result of incorrect or incomplete information being provided to us at time of sale.
We are only human! Please check everything carefully during your order as re-prints and refunds ARE NOT offered as a result of human error appearing on information that you have submitted. We will however, do our best to contact you if we believe there may be an error or accept changes immediately after order if you contact us.
Confirmation of artwork via email or verbally over phone WILL BE taken as a binding approval on your behalf to these conditions and will waive all responsibility of Coffee Snob Cups for further errors.

On approval of quotation or job, a credit card number must be supplied to secure your job and make payment.
All orders must be paid in full prior to dispatch unless other terms are arranged prior to order commencement.
All payments for custom orders are to be made by direct bank deposit, or credit card prior to commencement of order.
We do not accept payment via cheque unless arranged prior to commencement of work.

In all payment arrangement circumstances (account or COD) , if payment has not been received by the due date late fees of 5% will apply fortnightly (compounding), in order to cover additional accounting time and administrative efforts required to recoup overdue invoices.
In the event that payment has not been received and all effort has not been made to make arrangements to settle accounts, all costs associated with recovering payment via external parties will be added to the account and will be the responsibility of the client.

Whilst all effort is taken to maintain the highest production and product standard and consistency between orders, please be aware that finished quality and result will vary slightly (in most cases) from one job to the next. Our products are handmade and individual.
Please be aware factors such as stocks, presses, colours, coverage, coating, temperature, and weather may/can effect the finished quality and longevity of your product. Coffee Snob Cups WILL NOT hold responsibility for reasonable variations in results.
PLEASE NOTE – COLOURS WILL VARY FROM SCREEN TO SCREEN AND PRINTER TO PRINTER – whilst all effort is taken to maintain colour consistency we WILL NOT be responsible for slight and reasonable variations in colours.

All concepts/images/ designs/ logos or samples provided on this site remain the property of Coffee Snob Cups at all times and must not be copied or used without permission.
Coffee Snob Cups retains copyright of ALL designs and samples unless otherwise agreed.
If an agreement has been made between parties, copyright WILL NOT be released until payment has been received in full for any outstanding invoices or agreements.
Any release of copyright or authorisation of use of our brand will be taken to include only one licence for one activity (1 store, 1 person, 1 business, 1 branch).  In the event that the business/company/trader begins using the artwork for franchise activities, in multiple locations, or under on-selling licences, Coffee Snob Cups at its discretion may charge an additional release fee for each subsequent activity or business the work is used for.