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Mini Stainless Steel Mug


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Durable & Double Walled to beat any distraction with pure sophistication.

  • Stays colder and hotter for longer
  • Smaller in size for little drinkers
    (About 75-80mm in size)
  • Double Walled
  • Full Stainless Steel Cup
  • Holds approx 220ml
  • Durable




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Cold for longer, hot for longer .

Stainless Steel Mugs are a great option for anyone who doesn’t mind a little distraction and still likes to come back to a perfectly sippable drink!

Double walled for extra insulation, durable and suitable for any use.



How it Works:

Step 1: Choose your design style.
Step 2: Choose your decal colour.
Step 3: Give us your drink details.

Then we do the rest!


Things to note before ordering:

Choose the design style and colour combo that suits you best and we’ll design your cup to match the coffee style/wording you send us.

Each design option is made available based on the cup size, shape and colour so if you see a design or decal colour you like on another cup but it isn’t available on your prefered cup it’s because we’ve determined they just wouldn’t be a good fit together and wouldn’t last as long together!

Afterall, you want the best result right!?



  • All cups come with the trademark ‘Coffee Snob’ shield & name on the reverse side in a colour that compliments your chosen design.
  • If you choose the ‘It’s complicated’ design, we’ll choose the fonts that suit your design best and are likely to last longer with your wording.
  • We’ll also use our eye for detail to make any minor tweaks to the composition on any of the designs if we think it will make your cup look better!
  • And, when providing what you want on the cup, just remember it’s always the ‘drink order’ that is the largest item!






We have a range of permanent, UV & Water resistant vinyls to make your decal uniquely you.
If you don’t see your preferred colour available on your preferred cup it’s because we only want the best for you and we’ve tested it out and discovered it’s not a good fit and wouldn’t stand out!

Decal Colours


Additional information

Decal Colour

Baby Pink, Cherry Pink, Cobalt Blue, Glitter Gold, Gloss Black, Gloss White, Grass Green, Light Grey, Matte Black, Matte White, Metallic Gold, Red, Sky Blue, Soft Pink, Turquoise/ Mint

Design Style

Architect, City, Effortless, Foxy, Geo – Name, Graceful, Grand, It's Complicated, Script – Name, Swanky, Trend – Name, Urban


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